Unable to get users log

Hi all,

I am trying to connect to rsconnect server through api as shown below


## ACTION REQUIRED: Change the server URL below to your server's URL
connectServer <- Sys.setenv("CONNECT_SERVER"  = "http://xxyy.com/") 
## ACTION REQUIRED: Make sure to have your API key ready
connectAPIKey <- Sys.setenv("CONNECT_API_KEY" = "gfdedv_________")
client <- connect()

### I am able to get the list of users listed on Rconnect
users <- get_users(client)    

### But when I execute the below code , I am getting 0 rows (meaning not listing any users log)
usage_shiny <- get_usage_shiny(client)

I am not getting any users log here (Start time and end time and so on ). Not sure what is wrong here.
If it is listing all the users, then why not there logs???

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