Unable to import data using import from text(readr)

**> library(readr)

Divvy_Trips_2020_Q1 <- read_csv("https://divvy-tripdata.s3.amazonaws.com/Divvy_Trips_2020_Q1.zip")
Error: Reading from remote zip compressed files is not supported,
download the files locally first.
Error in View : object 'Divvy_Trips_2020_Q1' not found

This is telling you what the problem is and how to solve it

I have tried that too, it just keeps loading and never imports

What specifically have you tried? What commands have you used?

You need to download the file and then use read_csv.

See Download a file

This code works for me

url <-   "https://divvy-tripdata.s3.amazonaws.com/Divvy_Trips_2020_Q1.zip"
dest <-   "~/RJunk/trip.zip"
download.file(url, dest)

mydat <-   read_csv("~/RJunk/trip.zip")