Unable to knit/compile R file in RStudio daily build

I am using Rstudio daily build Version 1.4.779 on Windows 10. I am unable to knit/compile any .R file from File Menu>Knit Document or File Menu>Compile Report... . Previously, I could knit/compile a word document for the .R files too. Also, this recent version of RStudio forces me to encode the files. And once encoded, I can't run them directly. This is because it inserts some irrelevant characters in the .R file. For example,

Multiple Linear Regression

lm.fit=lm(medv~lstat+age,data=Boston) summary(lm.fit) lm.fit=lm(medv~.,data=Boston) summary(lm.fit) library(car) vif(lm.fit) lm.fit1=lm(medv~.-age,data=Boston) summary(lm.fit1) lm.fit1=update(lm.fit, ~.-age)

I have written this code without any \ in it, but Rstudio automatically added this code when I saved the .R file. This happens in all my old .R files and also newly created .R files when I save it, or try to knit/compile it from the file menu.

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