"Unable to locate SQLGetPrivateProfileString function" error when attempting to connect to MS SQL Server from RStudio

So, I had to reset my machine completely, and now I can't set the things up again.
I used to have a working setup. I even wrote a guide based on my success setting everything up (see here: RStudio Database Connections using Windows Authentication)

Now, I can't reproduce my own setup.
After doing everything required, I am getting this:

Failure. nanodbc/nanodbc.cpp:950 HY000: 
[Simba] [ODBC] (11560) 
Unable to locate SQLGetPrivateProfileString function.

Not a very helpful error. Anyone had a similar error? What does it mean?
I looked around the Internet, SO, this forum, but can't seem to see a solution that would work for me.
I know it is not a bug in odbc because everything worked before I erased everything from my laptop.

I just ran into a similar error! Oodles of googling led me to this somewhere:

sudo find / -name "odbcinst.ini"

I found some instances of that file that didn't look like they were in the right places, renamed those to odbcinst_old.ini and I never saw that error again.

Now I'm working on figuring out why all my tables are one-character names like "A", "F", "I" and so on...

I found where I saw that find tip: RStudio Database Connections using Windows Authentication

Check this thread: "Connections" pane shows weird results when connecting to a server