Unable to log in Rstudio server when I'm not running a docker container as root



I'm trying to run rstudio-server in a docker container.
I added user rstudio and work in a container,
and when I run the container as root (default option of docker run),
log in as rstudio and work both works.
However, when I run the container as one of the users I created,
it's impossible for me to log in.

for example, if I run the container with --user work

  1. try to log in as rstudio: it says wrong username or password.
  2. try to log in as work: same log in page with empty username and password box reloads again.

Since I cannot ruin all the conventions and architecture of the whole application using this docker container I'm trying to run,
I HAVE TO run this container as user work.
Is there any way to run rstudio server normally, even if I run the container as non-root user?

Thank you.


Are you using rocker images ?
If so do you followed the doc where you can customise user ?


RStudio Server does need to run as the root user during startup.

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