Unable to make leaflet map's color palette reactive on user selected input options

I'm unable to make my leaflet map responsive to the user selected options from a dropdown. My map loads with static choices, but when I try to make it responsive to the user choices, it throws an error. It's basically the color palette of leaflet, which I'm not sure how to make reactive based on selectInput options. Would somebody please help?

## ui.R ##


dataset = c(a, b, c, d, e)
gender <- c("Male", "Female","Female", "Male")
Location <- c("AB", "BC", "CD", "DE")
hasJob <- c("Yes","Yes","No","No")

Latitude <- c(49.82380908513249,59.478568831926395,59.478568831926395,49.82380908513249)

Longitude <- c(-10.8544921875,-10.8544921875,2.021484375,2.021484375)

DF <- data.frame(gender,Location,hasJob,Latitude,Longitude)

ui <- dashboardPage(

  dashboardHeader(title = "Dashboard", 
                  titleWidth = 300),
      inputId = "schemes",
      label = "Select a Scheme",
      choices = c("a","b","c", "d", "e"),
      selected = "a",
      selectize = FALSE


      id = "tabs",

        title = "Main Dashboard",
        value = "page1",


          column(width = 9,
                   width = NULL, solidHeader = TRUE, leafletOutput("mymap", height = 600, width = "100%"))),

          column(width = 3,
                   width= NULL,
                   selectInput('indicators', 'Select an indicator', "")), #indicators would load automatically as user select options above.

#This is second selectInput widget that will also impact how the Choropleth map loads.
                     width= NULL,
                     selectInput("gender", 'Select gender', "")),




server <- function(input, output, session) { 

    outVar = reactive({
      mydata = get(input$schemes)
      myvars <- names(mydata) 

      updateSelectInput(session, "indicators",
                        choices = outVar()

    outVar2 = reactive({
      mydata = get(input$schemes)

      updateSelectInput(session, "gender",
                        choices = outVar2()

    datasetInput <- reactive({
             "a" = a,
             "b" = b,
             "c" = c,
             "d" = d,
             "e" = e

    output$mymap <- renderLeaflet({

      location <- "India"
      geo <- geocode(location, limit = 1, key = "place")
      qpal <- colorQuantile("viridis", domain = **"WHAT SHOULD GO HERE?"**  , n = 5)

    leaflet(datasetInput()) %>% 
      #addProviderTiles("NASAGIBS.ViirsEarthAtNight2012") %>% 
      addPolygons(stroke = TRUE,
                  weight = 1,
                  smoothFactor = 0.2,
                  fillOpacity = .9,
                  color = "white",
                  fillColor =  ~qpal("**WHAT SHOULD GO HERE?**")) #%>% 
      #setView(lat = geo$lat, lng = geo$lon)



shinyApp(ui, server)

The shiny app you've provided doesn't run at all. Could you please modify the code so it does what you're saying here?

I'm not sure how to make reactive based on selectInput options.

The current renderLeaflet() expression you've provided does not currently depend on any input values, so it won't update in response to input changes. You probably want to have this expression reference input$indicators or input$gender, but it's not entirely clear to me what you're trying to achieve.

I think @shreya2105 means he doesn't know what to put in the "Domain" field.