Unable to save KM plot using ggsave in R

I am trying to save a KM plot using ggsave but my following code isn't saving the file on my Mac:

# Fit survival curves
fit<- survfit(Surv(time, status) ~ sex, data = lung)
# Visualize
p <- ggsurvplot(fit, data = lung,
                surv.median.line = "hv", # Add medians survival
                pval = TRUE,             # Add p-value and tervals
                conf.int = TRUE,        # Add the 95% confidence band
                risk.table = TRUE,      # Add risk table
                tables.height = 0.2,
                tables.theme = theme_cleantable(),
                palette = "jco",
                ggtheme = theme_bw()

ggsave(filename = "Test.png",
       plot = print(p),
       path = "~/Desktop/",
       width = 8,
       height = 7,
       dpi =  300)

The code runs properly without any errors but and I can see the sample KM curve appear in R. However, no saved image file appears on my desktop. I would really appreciate any help with this request.

You might need the actual path. This worked for me.

ggsave(filename = "Test.png",
       plot = print(p),
       path = r"(C:\Users\username\Desktop)",  # edit
       width = 8,
       height = 7,
       dpi =  300)

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Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to generate a file but the image appears blank (although the image does appear in the Plot section in R). Any suggestions on what might be causing this issue?