Unable to save stan files

Hi everyone,

In RStudio version 1.4.1103, I create a .stan file, give it a name and save it for the first time. Then after changing the file I am not able to save it anymore! And RStudio completely hangs after that, leaving me no choice but to close it and open it with another project entirely. I have checked .R files and .Rmd files (within this same project) and they don't seem to have a problem. I'm really lost here and don't understand what could possibly be the problem. Sometimes it gives me the following error message and sometimes not (I guess it takes it a lot of time to just create the message!):


I had an earlier version and after facing this problem uninstalled it and instead installed the latest version, which didn't help. Also, note that I can read stan files and have a code that read stan files without a problem and executes the following steps.

Thank you

Hi @szm2021, that looks weird indeed! I usually get those types of messages when I misspell the path but it's unlikely to be the issue because RStudio shouldn't freeze.

  1. What code are you using to read/modify/save the .stan file?
  2. I see that you folder is located under the C:/ directory instead of C:/Users/. I'm no expert but usually directories (and files) under C:/ need permissions to be modified. Do you get the same issue when reading/modifying/saving the file from, say, the Documents folder (which is usually located under C:/Users/)?

Still, I can't see why RStudio would freeze. :thinking:

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