Unable to select 32-bit R version in RStudio v1.2.1047-1 Preview



I am just unable to select 32 bit R version.
I use RStudio v1.2.1047-1 Preview on Windows and R 3.5.1.
Rstudio just silently sets 64 bit R, with no error messages.


Does the 32-bit version work for you in vanilla R, but not in RStudio? (see FAQ below for disambiguation)


We've removed support for 32-bit versions of R in RStudio v1.2. Is there a specific reason why you need to use the 32-bit version of R?


Same issue here, I'd been trying to select R 32-bit using 'Browse…', or make it the default by uninstalling R 64-bit.

The reason required R 32-bit is my work PC only comes with the Microsoft ODBC for Oracle driver (32-bit), and I use RODBC to connect to the database.

There is a 64-bit version of Microsoft ODBC for Oracle, but I haven't located it on Microsoft's site, only a reference to it:

I'd be uneasy installing it as it seems 32-bit and 64-bit drivers can't co-exist p.20-22, so I'm unsure how it might impact other applications (my PC runs Office 2010 Professional, use ODBC driver for Excel and SQL Developer):


I'm actually in a similar situation as @mark_devlin. Our work IT administration has standardized on 64-bit Windows and 32-bit Office, and we have had a need to use RODBC to connect to Access databases :zipper_mouth_face:. I'm unclear on whether we could replace RODBC with odbc for this purpose or not, and how that might interact (or not!) with R builds.

Maybe an easier link than the RODBC docs, the R for Windows FAQ discusses the issue:

The considerations can be more complex: for example 32/64-bit RODBC need 32/64-bit ODBC drivers respectively, and where both exist they may not be able to be installed together. An extreme example is the Microsoft Access/Excel ODBC drivers: if you have installed 64-bit Microsoft Office you can only install the 64-bit drivers and so need to use 64-bit RODBC and hence R. (And similarly for 32-bit Microsoft Office.)


Some issue here. Rstudio 1.1 is fine with select 32 bit/64 bit R version.
But Rtudio 1.2 is only able to select 64 bit R version if both 32/64 was installed.


Based on @kevinushey’s post above, this is not a bug:


You've removed support in the preview, or going forward 32-bit is no longer supported?

I'm in the same boat as others here. Connecting to my Oracle server I need to use the 32-bit ODBC driver. This is really unfortunate.


At this point, we're no longer planning to support 32-bit versions of R in version v1.2.