Unable to select 32-bit R version in RStudio v1.2.1047-1 Preview


Sorry for the "me too", but this indeed means that we will be unable to use RStudio 1.2, and will have to stick with 1.1 for as long as it is supported. The reason is the same: we have to play nice with with MS Access data, and we use 32-bit MS Office now and for the next 5 years at least, therefore we cannot completely switch to R x64.



I am also stuck in an environment where I must have access to the 32 Bit version of R in order to query off of 32 bit ODBC drivers. Please add the functionality back.



@kevinushey was this changed with the final version? I have the same issue - even using ODBC, I can't access the 32 bit version of microsoft access using the 64 bit version of R (I have 64 bit windows 10, 32bit access 2016 (which I can't change).
I was really hoping to upgrade to 1.2, but without the ability to use 32bit R, I can't access my databases.
FYI: When I try to setup the connection to the DSN when 64 bit R is connected, I get this error

#setup connection
omni_db <- dbConnect(odbc::odbc(), "Market_Database")

#Error: nanodbc/nanodbc.cpp:950: IM014: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The specified DSN #contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application

Everything works perfectly when using 32bit R.

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I need access to 32 bit version to connect to databases too. I have similar issues as users above of not being able to map to 32 bit version of R.

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I too would like 32 bit support.
I found myself in a catch 22. I would like to use python with RStudio specifically for the arcpy package. I need RStudio v1.2 for python support, however I need 32 bit architecture for python 2.7 (for arcpy).

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I am also stuck with a 32 bit RODBC Connection. Without 32-bit support, I would not be able to use RStudio 1.2.

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This is absolutely an issue for us as well. We use the 32-bit RODBC connection as well. It sounds like we will be forced to remain on RStudio 1.1 or find a different IDE which is disappointing.

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This is a really bad and sad new...
I need R 32-bit for the same reason

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Does Rstudio support Windows 7(32-bit)?

Same problem. I need 32-bit R to call my model which uses .Fortran() to call a Fortran DLL. It doesn't work under 64-bit R (doesn't recognise the 64-bit version of the DLL).

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Apparently this was due to a key RStudio development tool no longer supporting 32-bit:



@woodward This is unfortunate news. I think this means the likelihood of adding support for 32 bit is slim to none. Thank you for finding and sharing this so I can earnestly look into other IDE's for when I develop scripting that has to query via database.

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installation of rstudio

This is a problem. I just updated to the new RStudio and am now unable to import my PhD dataset from Access to R using RODBC. I have never been able to find a way to do this using 64 bit R. If anyone has a fix at some point I'd be very grateful. Otherwise I'll be stuck on an old version of RStudio for the duration of my project.



Created an account just to say that I am in the same boat here. I downloaded RStudio 1.2 this morning after hearing about all the new updates on LinkedIn, and am disappointed to find out that this release has actually removed such an important piece of functionality.

I use 32-bit R to RODBC into our 32-bit Oracle database. Given that our database architecture will not be changing anytime soon I will have to skip these new releases.

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Also created an account for the same reason. Very heartbroken to see that 1.2 does not support 32-bit R. My company will not be changing to 64-bit database anytime soon.

I am hopeful that RStudio will fix this.



Another vote from me. I'm stuck with a 32 bit RODBC connection.



I've reopened this issue to serve as the place to gather feedback and votes on this:

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This is a problem for me. My company is still runing MS Access 32bit and I need to access the database via odbc.



I apologize for the problems and concerns this has caused.

I have restored 32-bit R support to RStudio 1.2 for Windows. It will be in an upcoming patch release of RStudio 1.2 after it undergoes testing and validation. I will also eventually add this support back to RStudio 1.3.

Please note this will still require 64-bit Windows; this restores the 32-bit R functionality, but the rest of RStudio 1.2 remains 64-bit.

For those who like such things, here's the PR on github: https://github.com/rstudio/rstudio/pull/4775


Rstudio Dailies 1.3.180 not run with R 3.6 and W10pro 32-bit 1709

Wonderful news!

Thank you, and your colleagues, for taking the on board the feedback. I'm so relieved to hear RStudio 1.2 will restore 32-bit R support.

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