Unable to use 'addDataFrame'

Hi everyone, I am trying to append dataframes from different sources.

So I am using the 'addDataFrame' function but I keep getting this error, could not find function "addDataFrame".
Please what library do I have to load to use the functrion?

a useful resource to find functions is rdocumentation website:

However in this case, the only function I see relates to adding data frames into excel spreadsheets, so is likely not going to help you with your task.

Your task might be easier or harder depending on the uniformity of the data.frames you wish to combine. Various other functions might be attempted base::rbind(), dplyr::union(), dplyr::bind_rows() etc.

Thank you but I do not have issues with using the 'addDataFrame' function, but I need the library I should install to be able to use the function. see code

wb <- loadWorkbook("spccc.xlsx")
addDataFrame(SPC_NEW,getSheets(wb$SPC),col.names = FALSE,row.names = FALSE, startRow = 5)
saveWorkbook(wb, )

I cant use rbind() because I am creating a sheet first in an excel and dropping another dataframe in that same sheet. This is because I can only run one result per script


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