Unable to use `vitae` package with Quarto to create CV?

Is it possible to use vitae package with Quarto to create a CV? I was experimenting with the "awesomecv" template from vitae... it works fine as an Rmd doc, but fails to generate PDF if rendered from a qmd. Quarto does succeed in rendering a somewhat messy HTML doc when I knit the cv, but I'm not sure whether the problem lies with quarto's use of the pandoc header, the vitae package, or something else...

Any ideas if (1) I'm just doing it wrong--i.e. does quarto render PDF cv's for others--(2) is this an issue for the vitae package to play nice with Quarto, or (3) is this an issue for the Quarto team?

vitae package is offering some R Markdown output format that you use in output field, e.g vitae::awesomecv

output: vitae::awesomecv

R Markdown format can't be used with Quarto. Quarto needs Quarto format which is provided with the format key.

format: html

Currently, there is no CV format offered, but there will soon be a way to create templates for Quarto, and then it will be possible to extend the HTML or PDF format to offer CV-like format like the vitae package is doing.

Hope it helps understand the difference.

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