Undefined error when opening Shiny App

Hi everybody,

on one of our servers, the following error occurred now for several times:

  • We have Shiny Server Pro v1.5.12.1023 and Node.js v10.15.3 installed.
  • We have a similary setup installed on a second instance. On this second instance the error does not occur ar all. (It has an older Shiny Server version: Shiny Server Pro v1.5.10.990 and Node.js v8.11.3). Is it possible that the error relates to the updated version?
  • The error occures if a new session is opened. The server has not been restarted before and there have been sessions opened before.
  • If somebody else opens a session at the same time, the error does not occur.

Does anybody know what the reason for this is? I have no clue where I should look for this and before downgrading the Shiny Server version I want be sure that it is nothing else.

Thank you very much


I don't know enough about Shiny server to see the issue, but I do know that all al these messages are just package messages and warnings that are standard when they get loaded.

The only place I think a real error occurs is here
/opt/shiny-server/scripts/shiny-run line 3: 26791 Aborted

I don't know what the error is, but at least it gives you a place to start looking...

Hope this helps,

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