Undocumented code objects in R package

In my R package development, I want to include my own datasets of two tibbles.
I stored these two datasets (simulated and reference) in folder \data\simulated .rda & \data\reference.rda.
In addition, I include these datasets in my example with function (myfunc).

#' @examples
#' data(simulated )
#' data(reference)
#' myfunc(reference,simulated )

However, with R CMD cehck

I got warning of

Undocumented code objects:
'simulated ' 'reference'
Undocumented data sets:
'simulated ' 'reference'

How can I improved it?

Thank you..!!

You need to document the two datasets as they are exported. For this you can refer to "Documenting datasets" in the R Packages book.

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