"Unexpected response from server"

Every time I try to upload anything I get the error message "Unexpected response from server." I have tried multiple sessions and different browsers but the same thing always happens.

The same problem this user was having last year. But this thread doesn't include the solution, just work-arounds. ("Unexpected response from server" independent of file size, project or project folder)

It has been happening for a couple of days now. I am unable to upload anything.

Project https://rstudio.cloud/project/892510


There is an issue in the IDE where it will buffer the contents of the file into memory while performing the upload. In the rstudio.cloud environment this can cause an issue because the memory footprint of a project is quite small (1GB).

The most straightforward way to get a file into rstudio cloud is to put it in a downloadable location (github, dropbox, etc.). The download it from that location to the project rather then trying to use the upload button here.

Sorry for the inconvenience,



Thank you.

I'm very new. What is the best way to do that? Read in the url?

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