unexpected symbol using survey package

Hi, I am trying to put this into R, but it keeps telling me I have an "unexpected symbol".

test <- svydesign(id = ~CLUSTER2, weights = ~GSWGT4_2, data = dataset[is.na(dataset$GSWGT4_2)==F,]
svymean(~age, test)

I think you are missing a parentheses. I've added one after you specify the data.

test <- svydesign(id = ~CLUSTER2, weights = ~GSWGT4_2, data = dataset[is.na(dataset$GSWGT4_2)==F,])
svymean(~age, test)

Thank you!! Now for some reason it says object "age" not found..

R is case-sensitive. I suggest checking for which variables are on your dataset by doing the following. Perhaps the variable is AGE, Age, or some other configuration or not there at all.


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Thank you! You are a lifesaver!

Glad I can help. A bit of advice, I suggest using the package srvyr as the syntax is much more straightforward. It will get you the same results

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