University of Sheffield - Research Software Engineer

paid / Sheffield, UK, Hybrid / full-time, flexible

We have a job advert out for an RSE! Here are six reasons to apply:

  1. Varied projects. We work on research in areas such as astrophysics, healthcare, molecular biology, civil engineering and many more. Maybe you’ve been working on one area for years and you’re keen to work with researchers in diverse fields?
  2. We don’t need an expert in everything right away. Lots of people have joined our team having developed coding skills working on research, and learned more software engineering once in the team. Our team is made up of people who specialise in sharing software engineering skills with researchers.
  3. Make a difference. Our team works with public/private sector organisations, and charities to give our output the best chance of making a positive difference outside the university. We also enthuse about and participate in open research wherever possible.
  4. Flexibility. We’re happy to discuss flexible and part time working options. One of our team has recently reduced their hours from 100% to 80%. Working as a pool makes this much more practicable.Furthermore, in contrast to most RA roles this position is open-ended.
  5. Do useful stuff with code. We are most interested in your ability to do useful things with code and work with other people. We don’t tend to ask questions about the theory of computer science in interviews. The interest is in modern software technology, code you’ve written, how it was used and how it could be improved.
  6. Reward and recognition. All of the Sheffield RSE team are employed within the academic careers pathway, a new flexible career development structure which recognises a broad range of research outputs including software. The pathway provides a clear route for promotion up to the level of professor.

Please view the advert to apply, and see contact details for enquiries about the job. General enquires about the team are welcome at text

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