Unknown or uninitialised column warning issue

Hi! I am pretty new to R studio, but have previously been successful after importing a data set into R studio, and creating columns. I imported a new data set, following all the same steps as before, and I am unable to proceed from there, as I keep getting the warning: Unknown or uninitialised column: Distance.
Ive tried putting:
#Distance is the name of the data and Book is the Excel file where the data is stored
and then
#AMDistance is the name of the first column of data that I am trying to generate a histogram from.

Unfortunately I am unable to even get past this, as I keep getting the same warning message: Unknown or uninitialised column: Distance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

It sounds like you may not have a column called "Distance" in your Book data.frame.

Could you run:


to display the structure of the Book object?

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