Unlimited time-out for rshiny dashboard hosted in shinyapps

We currently develop our dashboard with rshiny and host it in the free version shinyapps.io. we would like to upgrade our dashboard in such a way that, there will be no 'time-out' when it is hosted in shinyapps.io. Would it be possible? And if yes, please advice us on any package that is suitable. Thank you

You can adjust it in the settings on shinyapps.io.
However, this is not a good idea, for the free plan you have 25 active hours (per month!), if your app stays awake, your active hours are used up after 1 day and you cannot use it anymore.

Thank you for the reply! Does that mean if we subscribe to PROFESSIONAL plan in shinyapps.io that have 10000 active hours per month, there will be no 'time-out' for our dashboard? as there are only 730 hours per month (correct me if I got the concept wrong)