Unstable RStudio become unbearable after cleaning the environment

Hello fellow RStudio enjoyers,

I don't really understand how RStudios memory management works and have seen no consistancy of what is safed and later loaded when I save a session, but that's probably a realted topic, but for another time.

I started to get serious problems with stability in my huge project and could ignore them so far mostly. But now, after cleaning up my workspace completely, in hopes of improving it, I made it much worse. Even though the workspace is clean now, even simple aggregations that worked before result in at least the memory becoming filled as indicated with the pie chart in the environment pane and R crahses now in a frequency that makes it unusable.

How can it be, that it ran more stable with the full environment? What can I do, to get back to work asap?

I would say the functionality is not influenced by the amount of text in it, but by the amount and size of operations, you would like to perform. Unfortunately, there might be multiple reasons, why it crashes to you. So maybe I would try to downgrade Rstudio to the lower version first and than look for other opportunities.

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