Update existing Excel file if there is a new file

Suppose in my project directory there is a folder called "data". The folder contains three Excel files:

  1. df.xlsx
  2. df_2012017.xlsx
  3. df_2012018.xlsx

df.xlsx looks like this:

date sales week
2012-04-07 10 2012014
2012-04-14 30 2012015
2012-04-21 60 2012016
2012-04-28 40 2012017

df_2012017.xlsx looks like this:

date sales week
2012-04-28 40 2012017

df_2012018.xlsx looks like this:

date sales week
2012-05-05 100 2012018

Given the above files, I want to do the following:

  • Read the df.xlsx as df.

  • Identify the latest week from the variable week and find out if there is any file in the "data" folder with the name df_*.xlsx where * is greater than the last week. For example, when we read the file df.xlsx, we notice that the latest week is 2012017. So, there is only one file that satisfies the condition is df_2012018.xlsx

  • After the identification, if there is any, we will read the file and bind the rows with df

  • Then write the new data frame as df.xlsx

In other words, I am trying to write a script that will update the excel file if there is any new data.


# Prepare toy data ----
df <- tibble(date = seq(ymd('2012-04-07'),ymd('2012-04-28'), by = '1 week')) %>% 
  mutate(sales = c(10, 30, 60, 40),
         week = str_c(isoyear(date), "0", isoweek(date)))

## Existing data
df_2012017 <- tibble(date = ymd('2012-04-28'),
                     sales = 40,
                     week = '2012017')

## New data
df_2012018 <- tibble(date = ymd('2012-05-05'),
                     sales = 100,
                     week = '2012018')
## Write 
write_xlsx(df, "data/df.xlsx")
write_xlsx(df_2012017, "data/df_2012017.xlsx")
write_xlsx(df_2012018, "data/df_2012018.xlsx")

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