Update package "backports"

Anyone knows why the package "backports" does not update?
When I update the packages in RStudio and select all packages, the backports one always appear as needed to update from version 1.2.0 to version 1.2.1 but after the task finishes the package is not updated.

Can you show the complete message output you get when you run this command?


See image attached.
The message inform something about Rtools but I don't use it.
My concern is about that it may cause a malfunction in the new version of RStusdio (1.4).
Now I realize that some other packages have the same message and don't update properly.
Thank you.

That message is telling you that the latest version of backports is currently only available as source, so if you want to install it you have to compile it from source and for that you need to have Rtools40 installed and configured in your system, otherwise you would have to wait until a precompiled binary of the latest version becomes available.

Thank you very much.

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