Updating PostgreSQL is working via RStudio Server Pro but not via Rstudio connect


I've made an app using Rstudio server Pro that updates user input from a text box to a PostgreSQL database. I've tested several times and it's working well. However, after I publish the app via Rstudio Connect, it's not writing to the database. There are no errors shown in the logs.
Here is function I'm using:

updateDB <- function(editedValue, id, field, pool, tbl){
  conn <- poolCheckout(pool)
  id = id
  col = field
  value = editedValue
  query <- glue::glue_sql("UPDATE {`tbl`} SET
                          {`col`} = {value}
                          WHERE runid = {id}
                          ", .con = conn)
  dbExecute(conn, sqlInterpolate(ANSI(), query))

Please suggest how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

Thank you

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Hello @shinystone! Thanks so much for reaching out here, and apologies we missed your message!

Are you still encountering issues with this, or did you figure it out!?