Upgrade all Shiny's JS to ES6

Hi everyone,

I was wondering, are there any plans to upgrade to ES6? As far as I know, you already have Grunt to transpile the code using babel.

In case you are planning to upgrade, how can we help?



Hi @ddazal,

Welcome to the RStudio Community :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Even though we are thrilled to have you here, it seems that you may be asking your question in the wrong forum. This forum is dedicated to the use of R and RStudio. It is true that many people here are also proficient in JavaScript and they may help you; however, there is no guarantee.

Hi @gueyenono,

Thank you for the welcome!

I was going to open an issue on Shiny's Github repo and since is not related to a bug or a feature I came here. If this isn't the appropriate forum where should I open a discussion about this?

Oh! I did not realize that this was tagged with Shiny. What ES6-specific code did you try to run with no success? Could you provide a reproducible example?

Seems like I wasn't clear :thinking: I want to know the roadmap to upgrade all Shiny's javascript to ES6 and how can I help. I'm proficient in JS but I don't want to start sending pull request without knowing the priorities of the Shiny's core dev team.

Yes, I understood that. My question was did you use ES6 inside a shiny app which did not work?

Oh, I use ES6 in every Shiny app when possible and fortunately they all work.

I just want Shiny to have a modern, more readable javascript codebase, and jquery free as possible :blush:

Okay, I understand it better now. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen anytime soon. However, I am not speaking on behalf of the Shiny team. Also, as a JS user, you know full well that keeping up with the language is nigh impossible. There's always going to be a new ES every year lol

I see, that's a shame :confused:

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