Upgrade rstudio from 1.3.959 but stay with old version of R

R version 3.5.0 (2018.04.23)
R studio 1.3.959
What is the latest version of r which will be compability with the rserver studio? We would like to upgrade r to the newest version what will be a possibility for r studio 1.3.959?
Or another option if we stay with R version 3.5.0 but we upgrade rstudio only?
Where I could find possibilities for each versions?
Thank you for help I am new in this r world..

You can use R <=4.0.x together with your version of the RStudio IDE (desktop or server), c.f. RStudio v1.4 Update: What's New - RStudio. You should also be able to run any version of the RStudio IDE together with your version of R, since the requirement R >=3.0.1 is fulfilled, c.f. RStudio Workbench Administration Guide - 2  Installation. However, the RStudio IDE depends on some external R packages to provide additional functionality (c.f. RStudio Workbench Administration Guide - Appendix C — R Package Dependencies), and these packages and their minimum versions might introduce incompatibility.

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