Upgraded to R studio 4.2 and now cannot not knit

In my class this weekend, we updated our R studio to try a new packages...My code will run fine with no errors, however, when I knit I get the following error (and unfortunately, I have an exam I am going to need to knit to submit)

Quitting from lines 81-87 (HW3Btest-in-class-test.Rmd)
Error in png(..., res = dpi, units = "in") : unable to start png() device
Calls: ... in_dir -> plot2dev -> do.call -> -> png
In addition: Warning messages:
1: In png(..., res = dpi, units = "in") :
unable to open file 'HW3Btest-in-class-test_files/figure-docx/unnamed-chunk-5-1.png' for writing
2: In png(..., res = dpi, units = "in") : opening device failed

Execution halted

You have update R (not RStudio) to version 4.2, this R version has a new rendering engine that is only supported on the latest RStudio version, maybe you need to update RStudio too.

I actually reinstalled both… sorry for the confusion… that was my mistake in terminology

Can you provide a proper REPRoducible EXample (reprex) illustrating your issue?

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