Upload File Widget Not Working in the Philippines

Hello, I recently uploaded a ShinyApp, and for each session you have to upload the dataset to be used. For the Americans who use the app, it works just fine, but for my Filipino coworkers, the "File Input" widget simply doesn't work, which makes the rest of the app unusable.

It's strange but the problem really does only manifest itself in the Philippines (maybe other countries too although I haven't tested). Is there something about how shinyapps.io hosts the shiny apps that makes the file upload button not work in certain countries?


What kind of input do you want to use, a csv file?
I can imagine there might be some differences with the local settings, e.g. the file saved in the phillipines uses a ";" to separate the entries, not a ",".
Or different setting for decimal numbers making the identification of numbers difficult.
Try to send the input files around, let the Phillipinos work with the US files and vice versa. Or check the files with an texteditor.

Seems to me that you could attempt to debug by setting your locale to be the Philippines and having an example file of theirs sent to you

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