Uploading CSV from Google Storage with nulls

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I'm trying to load a CSV file from google cloud storage to BigQuery. Problem is that the file has nulls for fields that are integers.

I'm using the following

bq_table_load(bq_Temp, bucket_uri, source_format ="CSV", fields = fields_spec, quiet=FALSE)

but the process is erroring out with a bunch of errors like "Could not parse Field as INT64 'with message 'Unable to parse'

Seems BigQuery can't handle nulls unless the field is string. But I'd love to avoid having to re-parse the file when it's in BigQuery. I've tried the autodetect function but the field names come out labelled as 'String1', 'String2', etc. Which is no good either.

Using BigRQuery and BigQueryR

After lots of trial and error I finally resolved this by including nskip=1. The error was actually that BigQuery was attempting to parse the header row of the CSV as the data. Which obviously didn't work on numeric columns.

bq_table_load(bq_Temp,bucket_uri, source_format ="CSV", fields = fields_spec, nskip = 1, quiet=FALSE)

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