Uploading Data to Qualtrics with R?

Hi all,

I would like to upload survey data to Qualtrics on a regular, repeating basis through the Qualtrics API, and I'm wondering if anyone has insight on how to accomplish this task. The Qualtrics SDK/API site offers a solution using Shell/Python, but I find the Python portion a bit confusing as I'm not experienced with it.

The qualtRics package has some really nice solutions for downloading data, but unfortunately does not seem to have upload capabilities at this time. (@julia, are there plans to expand the package for data upload in the future? Thanks!)

I don't think we've gotten many requests for data upload, but you could submit an issue so we keep track of anybody else who does.

In the meantime, if you are more familiar with R than Python, I would suggest using R and httr to do the uploading. Check out some of the internal functions in qualtRics to see how we create the API requests, and then you can put together similar ones to do uploading :arrow_up: instead of downloading :arrow_down:.

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