Use exponential back off with DBI?

Confirmed from our engineers that we use Hive meta storage not AWS Glue.

Ok cool, it looks like you can't run ALTER TABLE from AWS Athena. Which calls AWS Glue to run batch_create_partition. You might want to ask why that is and what they recommend to update table ddl's with new partitions if ALTER TABLE is blocked.

In the mean time i will raise another Pull Request to initial try ALTER TABLE and if permissions fail then fall back to MSCK REPAIR. I will give this some thought as I don't really want to slow down the package.

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The latest dev version has got a fall back clause. If ALTER TABLE is unable to be performed due to permissions then MSCK REPAIR TABLE will be called instead. I hope this fixes your problem.

Hi @larefly, since our system uses Hive meta store and not AWS Glue for Athena, I don't think it matters either way, but at least now it will not return an error. Thanks!

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