Use MySQL or charge the excel file? Which method is more efficient?

Hello good afternoon. I was thinking of making a shiny app but I have the doubt: When uploading the application to is the same memory used when uploading an excel file (or connecting one from google sheets) as when connecting to a MySQL database? Considering that within the app objects are created with the data. I know it seems like a silly question but I have that doubt, since I am working with a database of about 500 thousand observations and I would like it to be as light as possible so that the app is more efficient.

Thanks for reading me

It depends on how much data you fetch from the database.

If you need to update and process data frequently then using the database would be better since as long as you use SQL, data processing is going to be executed by the database engine and you will only fetch results (summarised data), if you don't need to update or process data frequently a file with preprocessed data would be better.

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