Use rmarkdown::run() in a bash script and open the shiny app in browser


I want to run, from a bash script, an interactive (shiny) report. I am using the following bash command:

Rscript -e "library(LEEF.analysis); db <- '$DB'; report_interactive();"

The function report_interactive rund=s the following command:

    file = system.file("InteractiveReport.Rmd", package = "LEEF.analysis")

Now I get a line in bash which says Listening on with changing ports.

When I now open the report opens in Safari.

Now I would like to automate the workflow and directly open the shiny app in Safari. Is this possible?


According to this post, you can do that by supplying Shiny arguments

rmarkdown::run("InteractiveReport.Rmd", shiny_args = list(launch.browser = TRUE))

Hope this helps,

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