usethis::use_github() error in validate_gh_pat

Hi! I tried to connect my local repo with github, but it returns an error message:

#> √ Checking that current branch is default branch ('master')
#> Error in validate_gh_pat(new_gh_pat(x)) : 
#>   A GitHub PAT must consist of 40 hexadecimal digits

Just prior to that, I created token with usethis::create_github_token() and set PAT using gitcreds::gitcreds_set(). When I run gitcreds::gitcreds_set() one more time and select 3: See the password / token, it returns the correct token but it consists of not hexadecimal digits.

What did I wrong?

Try updating the gh package. It recently added support for the new GitHub token format, which you’re probably seeing. The new tokens start with ghp_ I believe, and gh used to have trouble with that.


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