using a function to rename a tibble

How can I set the name of the tibble I want to create as an argument to my function?
I want the function to be part of a package.

a <- dplyr::tibble(x = 1)

rename_object <- function(in_df, out_df) {
  out_df <- in_df

rename_object(in_df = a, out_df = b)
a <- dplyr::tibble(x = 1)

rename_object <- function(in_df, out_df,envir=.GlobalEnv) {
  # browser()
  ie <-enquo(in_df)
  oe <- enquo(out_df)
  assign(x = as_name(oe),
         value = in_df,
         envir = envir)
  remove(list = as_name(ie),envir =envir)

rename_object(in_df = a, out_df = b)

Thanks very much. I want to save out_df in data as part of a package eg instead of assign() my function contains something like
usethis::use_data(out_df, overwrite = TRUE, internal = FALSE )

How do I refer to out_df in use_data()?

Explanation: My package has a function which imports data for each year into a tibble. I want to include the year in the name of tibble. The package then uses other functions in the package to report on the data.

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