Using a mix of classic/modern appearance elements in a custom RStudio IDE Theme

Simply: I'd like my Source and Console quadrants to be themed "dark" and my Environment, History, ... and Files, Help, ... quadrants to be themed "light". That is, I like the color-coding and formatting in my "code" but when exploring my environment or reading documentation I prefer a "plain" or "light" theme.

For example, this is pretty much what you get with the Classic Tomorrow Night 80s theme. However, I'd like to inherit some of the flat-modern UI elements that come with a Modern theme, but pretty sure all the dark format Modern themes make all the quadrants dark.

Is this possible in a modern theme? Or is this possible by writing a custom theme? Can anyone give any pointers or is this simple?

Unfortunately, there isn't currently a way to do this. Please feel free to file a feature request issue on our GitHub if you'd like us to consider this for a future version of RStudio.

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