Using auth0 on AWS EC2 in a Shiny app using RStudio

I am trying to use auth0 on AWS EC2 (Ubuntu) using RStudio using the R package - auth0. To make the Shiny app publicly accessible, I have the port 8100 (this is where the app is hosted) open to the public.

Further, I am using the options("xx.xx.xx.xx") to specify the public IP address of the EC2 machine, but I get this error:

Listening on http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8100
createTcpServer: address not available
Error in .subset2(public_bind_env, "initialize")(...) : 
 Failed to create server

I have similar settings for auth0 as I had on my local machine which works fine.

The auth0.yml file that I use is as under:

name: myApp
shiny_config: xx.xx.xx.xx:8100
  scope: "openid email profile"
  api_url: !expr paste0('https://', Sys.getenv('AUTH0_USER'), '')
    key: !expr Sys.getenv("AUTH0_KEY")
    secret: !expr Sys.getenv("AUTH0_SECRET")

Any suggestions to debug the issue are highly appreciated.


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