Using code to map a .csv onto a Markdown picture guide?

Is it possible to populate an R-markdown file with code from a separate R script?

I am trying to generate a picture guide based on names stored in a data-frame and a list of photos. Each data-frame row of names refers to one photo.

If I am understanding your question correctly, you want to run an R script inside an R Markdown file? This can be done either by either of the following methods:

output: html_document


Any objects defined in the R script will be made inside the R session running the R Markdown file. Does this answer your question?

Hi Matt,

Thanks for answering. Here's an example of my question with 2 animals:

#####R code
#this produces eg. dataframe
animal1<-c("cat","Felis catus", "gato", "mao", "cat.jpeg")
animal2<-c("dog", "Canis lupus familiaris", "perro", "go", "dog.jpeg")
colnames(all)<-c("English","Latin", "Spanish", "Chinese", "Image")

#url links to generic dog and cat picture
cat.jpeg<- .urlopener ""
dog.jpeg<- .urlopener ""

#code to convert each row into a populated page in Rmarkdown?

######## Rmarkdown format for page produced



Scientific name: Felis catus
Other names: Gato (Spanish), Mao (Chinese)


Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris
Other names: Perro (Spanish), Go (Chinese)

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