Using fancyRpartPlot with model that has no splits

Hi, I'm an undergrad student currently working on an assignment that requires us to use Rstudio to perform data mining. I have chosen this data set
It is to predict future seismic bumps with the result being binary(hazardous"1" or non-hazardous"0")

I'm planning to do a decision tree and I'm currently facing some issues. I was following what I was taught in class and are using fancyRpartPlot and this error occurs"

Error in apply(model$frame$yval2[, yval2per], 1, function(x) x[1 + x[1]]) :

dim(X) must have a positive length

I believe that the reason might be that the model has no split. Therefore does anyone know how to solve this?

In addition, when I use the code prp(seismicPruned) On the plot panel of the bottom right side of R, nothing appeared but a boxed 0, I think that might be also be related to the error.

In short, I am completely new to R, I have just started a week ago and tbh I have no idea what I'm doing so my question might be worded weirdly but I really need some help!!

Thanks for everyone who read this long ass post!

BTW this is what it appears when I use the command prp(seismicPruned)

@SpFervro You should add a reproducible example so people in the community can have an idea of the package you're using, the code you wrote and so on.

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