Using font awesome icons in RMarkdown and Quarto

Hello, I am attempting to use the awesome fontawesome library in RMarkdown and Quarto: It seems that not all icon sets are available. For example how do I use the new humanitarian icons,, in RMarkdown and Quarto documents? Thanks for any advice.

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I'll start by sharing that Quarto can be extended through the use of Extensions and we have one for fontawesome

Regarding the R package usage, which package version are you using ?
I believe the icon you seek are relatively new (fontawesome 6.1) and the R package should be in latest version 0.3 if they have correctly been added. Otherwise it means that the Fontawesome version requirement is to recent and the tools in QUarto or R have not been updated yet.

Thank you. I will give this a try over the next few weeks and try to report back.

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