Using headers after page 1 (frontpage) using officeR

I tried to combine two documents using officer.

But one document is a frontpage and the other document has headers. The problem is that when I join them, the front page also has headers.

How can I join or merge two documents while keeping separated the header from the frontpage?

#creating the front page. 
#summarized version since it will have added features
my_doc_frontpage <- read_docx()
my_doc_frontpage <- my_doc_frontpage %>%
      body_add_img(src = "logo.png", width = 1, height = 0.8, style = "centered") 

#reading the file containing some headers. 
#summarized version since it will have added features
my_doc <- read_docx("base.docx")

my_doc <-   body_add_docx(my_doc,"frontpage.docx")

but the combined.docx file has the frontpage with the header modified

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