Using library(conflicted) to resolve one conflict without making every conflict an error

I'm building a ggplot2 themes package at work to manage some quirks with our branding. I wrote a function that uses library(conflicted) to overwrite a geom from library(ggplot2) like the following conflicted::conflict_prefer("geom_point", "urbnthemes").

This works great!...until another function with a conflict is called. At which point I get

filter(mtcars, cyl == 8) 
#> Error: [conflicted] `filter` found in 2 packages. 
#> Either pick the one you want with `::` 
#> * dplyr::filter #> * stats::filter 
#> Or declare a preference with `conflicted_prefer()` 
#> * conflict_prefer("filter", "dplyr") 
#> * conflict_prefer("filter", "stats")

Is there a way to resolve one conflict with library(conflicted) without making every conflict an error and forcing you to choose which function to use? Should I use an entirely different approach?

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