Using “neato”, how do I correct: “Error: C stack usage 15924144 is too close to the limit”

I am attempting to do an analysis of a three-way contingency table, and create a graphical representation of a model, showing nodes and edges, as depicted in the picture.

The problems stems from a paper on Graphical Models, by David Edwards (2011)

R produce the error: "Error: C stack usage 15924320 is too close to the limit"

I've tried updating the packages and running R as administrator.


liz.sat <- dmod(~.^., data = lizard)
liz.1 <- backward(liz.sat, details = 3, step = 1)
liz.2 <- backward(liz.1, details = 3, step = 1)
plot(liz.2, "neato", sep=0.1 )

plot(liz.2, "neato", sep=0.1 ) Error: C stack usage 15924320 is too close to the limit

plot(liz.2, "neato")

I hope someone has a neat solution to my problem. Thanks

It seems the problem is well known. A guide has been made containing possible solutions to how to solve the problem, however not being skilled enough I will appreciate if someone can make it clearer how to perform the steps in the solution.

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