Using observe function in shiny login page

I tried to use both shinymanager and shinyauthr to make a login page for my Shiny App.

In shinyauthr, I used req() function in all output and reactive functions. In shinymanager, I don't need any req() or similar function for output and reactive functions.

But, I get an error for observe() and observeEvent() functions.


Warning: Error in : Problem with `filter()` input `..1`.
i Input `..1` is `Season == input$season`.
x Input `..1` must be of size 6134 or 1, not size 0.
  103: <Anonymous>

My observe() function:

    updatePickerInput(session, "picker1",
                      choices = unique(filter(data,data$Name==input$name)$surbame),
                      selected = 'AAA')


I would take a careful look to this line choices = unique(filter(data,data$Name==input$name)$surbame), since the error you show is from the filter function.

My guess is that what you want is:
choices = unique(filter(data,Name==input$name)$surbame) (not sure about "surbame"...looks like a typo for surname, maybe?)



Shouldn't this be a reactive function? Thank you!

What thing should be a reactive function?

Have you tried what I suggested above? Do you get an error? What is the output?

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