Using R code in a Word document

What is the best way to paste an R code into a word document? So, it looks nice and neat. Many Thanks for your help

I would use a mono space font like Courier for the code. That gives it a code-like appearance.

My favorite monospaced font is Lucida Console. But lots of differing tastes
Some popular monospaced fonts are shown here

If you're trying to get R output in to Word, you might also be interested in the Word output format for Rmarkdown. You can read about it in the Rmarkdown book here or read through a worked example here


Additionally to the previous made comments you can also define a format style sheet entry in the list of existing style sheet entries inside Word which formats if choosed the already copied text as you like, f.e.:

  • indented
  • background colour
  • font
  • size
    Big advantage for you as a Word user: Those marked entries can be titled and also automated inserted into a table of contents (together with their titles).

So I think the answer of your questions is a bit related to your choice of which leading word processing program you want to use and what you're aiming for iwth the result at the end of the day.

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