Using Redis with bindCache in Shiny

I'm using Redis to cache some reactive data in Shiny as described in this article : Shiny - Using caching in Shiny to maximize performance


RedisCache <- R6Class("RedisCache",
  public = list(
    initialize = function(..., namespace = NULL) {
      private$r <- redux::hiredis(...)
      private$namespace <- namespace
    get = function(key) {
      key <- paste0(private$namespace, "-", key)
      s_value <- private$r$GET(key)
      if (is.null(s_value)) {
        return(structure(list(), class = "key_missing"))
    set = function(key, value, ex) {
      key <- paste0(private$namespace, "-", key)
      s_value <- serialize(value, NULL)
      private$r$SET(key, s_value, EX=ex)
  private = list(
    r = NULL,
    namespace = NULL

I modified a the R6 class to be able to add the EX parameter ( expire time, in seconds) to the SET method.

  data <- reactive({
    db%>% filter(date==input$choise_date)
  }) %>% 
    bindCache(input$choise_date, cache= session$cache)

I want to cache data and if the value of input$choise_date is the current day then make sure to remove the key when the specified amount of time elapsed.

Please help.
Thank you

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