Using RSPM with Linux Mint 20.3

I am trying configure RSPM with Linux Mint 20.3 which is a focal-based Ubuntu distribution.

Here is a screenshot of my .Rprofile.

It looks like that RSPM is not able to redirect to the proper version of the binaries and decides to install packages from sources (RStudio Package Manager: Admin Guide, section 18.3.3).

Are there any ways to bypass this? I know I can force it by using this URL, but I'd rather like to use if possible.


Hi Phil,

Great question! We have instructions on configuring the user-agent header in the documentation here.

Please note that Linux Mint isn't an officially supported distribution, but as you said, it is a focal-based Ubuntu distribution, so it should work just fine. However, we'd like to hear about any ABI complications if you do run into them.

I hope you're enjoying RStudio Package Manager and these binaries speed up your workflow :slight_smile:


Hi Taylor and thank you for your answer. Indeed, I really like RSPM, works like a charm. I will try to manually set up the use-agent header and see if I can get it working with

All the bests,