Using Rstudio Desktop in Win10: failure to login to remote linux server with ssh

New Rstudio user here, it looks amazing!

I'm having trouble, however, using the terminal to connect to a remote linux server.

I'm running the Desktop version on Windows 10.
When I go to the terminal I get the "C:\windows>" prompt. I type ssh and I get the various usage options, so ssh works.
I try to login the usual way, by typing "ssh username@host" at the prompt, but it just hangs for a few seconds and returns a connection time out message.
I've set the Terminal Options (via Tools>Global Options) so that new terminals open with Windows Powershell and connect with WebSockets.

If I open a Windows Powershell terminal and do the same, I have no issues and I can login just fine.

There must be some setting I am missing somewhere but I I really don't know where to look anymore, and I haven't been able to find a solution online.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


Nothing? :frowning:
(quietly sobbing in a corner)

You could try filling an issue on the github repo

Just make sure to follow their guide to do it properly.

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