Using same server logic for multiple different pages (Shiny for Python)

in shiny for python, I have multiple render.ui functions defined in my server logic. I define each function based on the name used in the ui.output_ui() elements in ui.page_fluid() parts of the code. I have multiple pages that I want to all do the same thing, so I reference the server logic defined ui elements, and call them the same way in each nav element (each page) in the page fluid section.

I want the user to be able to create and compare multiple cases, each made up of Mutiple options and selections. I use different nav element pages to do this. So each page is identical and has the same functions.

However, if I only reference the ui elements defined in the server logic once (so only on one page), there all there. As soon as I start referencing the sam ui elements on multiple pages, then they all fail.

Not sure how this can work. I feel like part of the point in defining ui element functions in the server logic, is so you can call them whenever you want.