Using Shortcuts with RStudio Server and German Keyboard Layout

Hello there,

when using RStudio IDE shortcuts on RStudio Server (1.4.1717) that runs on an Ubuntu VM (20.04.3) accessed by a Windows 10 (19042) client, it appears that RStudio does not recognize the configured German keyboard layout as defined in /etc/default/keyboard, like this:


On this VM, there is no need to use other locales than predefined. Therefore, all locale definitions are as set by default to C.UTF-8

The keyboard layout definition described above (in combination with default locale c.utf-8) does work nicely for accessing the VM via SSH and RDP but not for accessing RStudio Server via Browser.
An example of this would be the shortcut: "Ctrl-Shift-/" for reflowing comments. As "/" is located on the "7"-key in a German layout, the packages pane is being zoomed in.

To narrow down: RStudio IDE Desktop (Windows) is installed on the client as well. The client is set to German locale and there, the shortcuts on the desktop version (using the same keyboard) work fine.

What solution would you propose?

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