Using Summarize to group responses

Hello. I know there is a simple way to do this , but I have forgotten how. I would like to produce a table that indicates the proportion of respondents who have answered "teller" and "feminist and teller". Here is what I have so far:

bias_data %>%

(Linda being the variable that indicates whether the respondent answered "teller" or "feminist and teller")Any guidance would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Chapter 5 of R for Data Science ( should jog your memory. Look at section 5.6, Grouped summaries with summarise().

Hello. You could use count() or group_by() and summarise(). Check out (Count observations by group)
If you want proportion you can use mutate() to add a column that gives proportion as n/sum(n).
I see you're working on the conjunction fallacy.

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